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A turn based RPG Maker Game by CAM.
Music is by Lintilion
Check TWITTER for small updates and silly comics.
Now available on itch.io for Free, and also on Steam, where an extra character is available along with bug fixes!

The 1st Version is the first ever release of Copper Odyssey, and has a few bugs that might prohibit intended experiences but do not stop the player from completing the game.

The 2nd Version is the one that is patched by Codefriend, Bradster Bell, and fixes those small little bugs. I keep the 1st Version around mainly because I think it is important that the original is available to see. The 2nd Version is the one that is currently on Steam, and is capable of being 100% achievement completion!

Any language updates or distributed copies will be using the 2nd Edition.

It is Finals week, and 4 thieves have gone into the Print Studio and are taking all of the supplies. The Monitor of a print studio must get their friends, find the thieves, and take back the print supplies so students can keep working....You are the Monitor! Respect the craft.

In this game, you will be playing as Monitor, and you will have the option to get your friends, Bad Girl, Mr. Woodcut, and Miss Gun to help you out.

There are 4 bosses you need to beat, and they are hidden throughout rooms in the Print Studio! Please kick them out. The combat is standard Turn Based Combat using the Press Turn System, made by Yami. https://rpgmaker.net/scripts/571/

There are many small and silly routes to get what you want and do what you need. As long as you are strong and respect the craft, you will be winning the game. Welcome to the game.

Many of the enemies and skills are based on Printmaking Terms, since you are the monitor of a Fine Arts Printmaking studio.

Please be on the lookout for small little comics (this game is based on small comic I used to do) that show more of the characters.

Any questions you have can be in the Comments section, I will do my best to respond. Thank you for reading, if you did.



-Spanish ( Translation done by https://twitter.com/atumsk )

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Educational
TagsAction RPG, JRPG, RPG Maker, Turn-Based Combat


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Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!

so cute and funny! fantastic game.. though, i couldnt play the ending, because i think i softlocked myself out of 2 hours progress by stealing an item from the toy shop and then using the save point inside.. redman's curse


Copper Odyssey is one of those games that just feel genuinely, unabashedly tailor-made for my weirdo tastes. It's truly a gift to all the artists out there, regardless of your favoured medium.

what the heck is the differences between the 2 versions? 

First Edition does not include JAX, and has a few minor bugs that are not gamebreaking. I wanted to keep this version up as it is the very first version and I like keeping that kind of thing. The 2nd edition has JAX, as well as small tweaks that might not even be noticeable. 

Thank you so much for the response! I'm doing my best to respect the craft. 

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This was fantastic! I love exploring and finding secrets in games like these. I'll be playing through this one a couple more times trying to experience as much as I can. After I beat it the first time, I found out it was on Steam, and so I bought it there just so that I could have it in my library.

I wonder how many people would be willing to contribute the secrets they've found to a wiki?

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Update: I started putting one together, just for fun.


It's nowhere near being exhaustive, but it's got a couple useful tips and secrets listed that I've found. If anyone wants to add to it, go ahead.

Also, warning, there are obviously spoilers for secrets and enemies, so don't click if you want to discover them yourself.

awesome!! i'll see what i can add when i finish my playthrough


This is amazing by the way. As creator, I thank you very much. I recently got a new computer, and will try to post files onto here as well. I appreciate you a lot, and I saw your review as well. Thank you for playing Copper Odyssey

no problem, i commend you for being able to make a game with so much to discover!

Brilliant RPG with incredible art design. I adore the printmaking theme. Love how quickly the mechanics escalate, too. Thank you for all your hard work on this wonderful game!


what a masterpiece.

Thank you, it is nice to hear it! There will be more comic-esque content related to Copper Odyssey. I may make a post about this. But yes, comments like these are nice to see. I appreciate it.

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copper odyssey is a wonderful game with a lot of heart & soul put into it. the art is phenomenal and the sense of humor is so unique & funny. the music is great too and really fits the vibe of the game! it takes a bit to get used to the mechanics, but it's very satisfying to get good at and the game is thankfully very generous with second chances & chocolates (the revive and full heals of the game). the extra stuff like the costumes are really fun and i can tell there's a bunch of other secrets i missed too!

i like that mr woodcut can't be turned away from your party and is useless for the whole game.

PS i heard there's a very cool Secret Enemy you can find if you get the angel costume......

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(he's not useless... he's the 2nd strongest!)


i've since Learned...

there's a reason why he looks like a ghost!

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Sorry, but when I try to download it, it says its dangerous for my computer. 

It says "COPPERODYSSEY.exe was blocked because it could damage your device".

What do I do?

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The reason this message pops up is because it is a self-unpacking .exe file and Windows will do this with any other file like it. 

Windows / Chrome tend to feel weird about any developers / publishers who are not signed with them. I am not a signed Windows developer.

In this case, you just need to Allow -- there is nothing harmful in Copper Odyssey.  I will be adding this to the Installation Instructions section, as others may be worried about this too. There is no need. Thank you for the comment.


The game is very much worth your time! Exemplary vibe, it's a game of mystery to be sure... it's refreshing to play something that takes itself so casually! More games should use press turn battle too, it's very satisfying to use!

I've heard the music is very good... I wonder if you can buy it anywhere...

Deleted 2 years ago
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CAM has allowed me to play an early copy of Copper Odyssey. After completing the game, I felt the need to come here and talk about my experience.

The following is my own thoughts and opinions:

I am a very critical and observant person when it comes to RPGs. I despise so many games in the genre, especially those made in RPGMaker. They typically come off as lazy, uninspired, tedious shovelware games, and playing them physically upsets me.

So when I tell you that Copper Odyssey, an RPGMaker game, has been one of the most enjoyable video game experiences I've had this year, you should understand that I don't really say it lightly.

To start, the game is quite literally a work of art. After some research I learned that CAM is an actual artist, so it makes sense that the game is just filled to the brim with this fantastically fulfilling artstyle that compliments both simple and cooler looking character designs. All of the portraits look amazing, and I was pleasantly surprised at how many unique ones there were for the characters in the game (my favorite being Kraftery). The music is perfectly fitting, and has just enough variety to hit that finished product mark. My entire playthrough was just me completely hypnotized by it, and if not for any other reason, you should try the game out for these reasons alone.

Narratively, this is a surreal experience, and the game will cause you to say "WTF?", but in just the right way. From the beginning, it decides to give you just enough narrative framework to help you understand the antagonists, the conflict they're creating, and how it's your problem. But Copper Odyssey knows better than to just hand you more than that. This game exemplifies the golden rule of "show, don't tell", and it's really on you to interact with other characters and the map to better understand the dynamic of how things relate to one another, and how sometimes there's just pieces left over that aren't easily understood. Too surreal of a story, and the player can never understand what's going on. Not surreal enough, and there's never any questions. Copper Odyssey takes that risk, and in the end, manages to strike a great balance.

The battle system in this game is nothing too crazy. In keeping touch with the thematic of arts & crafts, the traditional elemental weakness's have been replaced with ones that better resemble real world tools used by an artist. (I'm not an artist, I don't know what lithography is but it's in there!) All in all, it's not necessarily something to write home about, but it was fun enough that it held my attention while I remained mesmerized by the other aspects.

Up until this point I've had almost nothing but good things to say. But I want to be really honest here, is this the best RPG in existence? Not even close. Copper Odyssey can be rough around the edges and lacking in polish at times, and CAM knows this. Not everything has had quite enough time spent on it nor had the chance to be fully fleshed out. Battler portraits could have been better, more dialogue between the party and others was sorely needed. But in spite of this, you can sense that Copper Odyssey has decided to just embrace it, helping give that illusion that everything is always intentional rather than just hide and cower from it in shame.

(TLDR) If you're looking to play an RPG that's FINALLY inspired amongst a very boring, gray sea of monotony, I'd really recommend you try out Copper Odyssey. I think you'll find and like the same qualities that I did. So give it a shot, and respect the craft.

- RPGLordLight


hey two questions,

how long would you say the playthrough was and was the game difficult? i dont bother playing these games because i suck at them. ive played turn based stuff but it always becomes an issue for me later in game. thank you


Hi! So far from people who've beaten it they've shown that it could be done in 3-6 hours. This game is very friendly with items so please go to Tents with the Green Rabbit and buy Second Chances, as these are lives. In this game, you will find that you may die in 2-3 hits, as Printmaking Enemies are very strong and you are just Human, so having Friends and Second Chances is a must.

This game is also non-linear, so there's no natural progression of the game "getting harder" per se. You will not suck at the game! This game is very free form in its exploration so please feel free to walk around the print building as well, Rabbits and Shelves will give you money sometimes just for existing.

However, if you do want to start at an "easiest" place so that you slowly get stronger, I recommend starting at the Cyan Area located in the Second Floor Intaglio Studio of the building. Also please remember to use your Crafts. These are usually much better than just Attacking (Especially for Bad Girl).

I will probably make a small Tips and Tricks guide post later with images on when I am not as busy with other things. Thank you for asking this question.


thank you so much

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In addition to CAM's response, I could write a strategy guide given my playtime with this game. If you're having trouble, here are a few tips:

- Collect ALL of your partners (the main four) before farming or gaining exp. They will all start at low levels, so it's best to gather them up immediately so they can all share it. They can all be found in the studio.

- You'll come across these blue fairy/sprites scattered amongst the studio and zones every now and then. When you speak to them, always ask them to upgrade your strength! Defense is not as good, health can be obtained another way.

- Farm and milk enemies as often as you can! It doesn't take very long (typically 5 minutes is enough) and it will ensure you're strong at all stages in the game.

- Cat Boots in the main shop at the start of the game gives you an extra turn! Costs 10k gold, works super well on characters with multi-hit moves like Bad Girl.

- There's a boss rush hidden somewhere in the game... if you're exploring each room, you'll find it. It's farmable and it drops a shit ton of "Extra Life" which you can use on a character to give them more maxHP.



can't wait to feed babin pastries