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Hello! This is a small dungeon crawling style maze game made by the developer of Copper Odyssey on Steam and also on my Itch.io Profile.

In this game, you will be finding 3 Candy Plates that will be given to you by Loved Ones. That's it! It is a simple game this time around as this was basically made in 3 day timespan.

You will be playing as 3 Schoolgirls who have dressed themselves as The Sun, The Artist, and The Moon.

Z: Select / Talk
X: Small Menu
A: Enhanced View (Temporary)
Shift: Run

Artwork & Everything Else: Cam
Music: Lintilion

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Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
Tags3D, artgame, cam, Dungeon Crawler, First-Person, Horror, maze, Surreal, weird


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I really like this game! The characters and music are a lot of the fun. The only problem is that I think I'm bumping into a lot of invisible walls? In the sun maze I thought I found the end but when I ran towards it, I couldn't get close enough for some reason. And the compass stopped working, so I got even more lost trying to find an alternate way there.

Edit: NVM, looked at the map and apparently I just walked in a circle lol. Good maze.

I'm sorry, but it just seems to open on a black screen for me. The sound effects play, just none of the graphics display.

No need to be sorry! Is there any additional details? This game was made a while ago on RPG Maker MV, and MV is a bit turbulent at times with peoples displays and whatnot... I'm sorry you are not able to experience it at the moment. I've had people play it recently and it seems to work fine, so it may be RPG maker MV not getting along with your graphics card...

That seems to be the case. It seemed to fix itself, but it's going black at a different point. (When I enter the moon room.) Thank you. My computer is just starting to show its age.


I love getting lost while listening to sick tunes on RPGMaker

Good game


An entertaining and surreal experience, as expected.

thank you for playing this game and also Copper Odyssey! It is very appreciated.